Friday, May 20, 2011

The blogosphere is a little grey these days.

Three of the blogs I follow have not had the happiest of news these days. Hugs and well wishes to Monica, the DH, and Laggin.

I haven't had much to blog about. Got big plans this weekend, but they're very TOP SECRET. Unfortunately it requires me to miss a wedding shower, but the bride understands and already has her gift from me.

I've skipped the last two sessions of my current class. I skipped Monday because we had a paper due that I didn't complete. I have no intention of completing it anytime soon. It required the students to seek out an unfamiliar social setting in which we are the minority, and to write about our thoughts and feelings, what we saw and sensed, etc.

Here's the thing about yours truly: I'm always the minority. I'm either the youngest, the only female, the lowest ranking, the only Hispanic, the only Wiccan, the only non-partisan...even when I go to Puerto Rico, because I'm the only one who can't speak an damn Spanish. There aren't many unfamiliar social settings for me. I think all that's left is a drive-by in East St Louis and a KKK meeting...and you won't see me venturing into any of those anytime soon.

And finally, I honestly don't care enough about being a minority to pay any attention to that status. I don't sit around in a redneck bar wondering if anyone guesses I'm not white, wondering if they're judging me for it. When I first heard that there are KKK residing in my town, I was mildly alarmed, but they haven't made a peep in the two years I've been here, and I never concern myself with it anymore.

If someone is unkind me to me, I don't immediately assume that they are discriminating against me. I think the only time in my life that I've ever felt discriminated against was in high school when the kids at the back of the base, on a couple of occasions, threw garbage at me - - just me - - and I'm pretty sure that had more to do with the fact that I was a) not black, and b) opposed to the hip hop station being the only one played on the bus radio. What can I say? Kids are stupid.

Wait, there was one other occasion, and that was when a Christian found out I was Wiccan and spent the rest of the day judging me for it. He was appalled that I would give up Christ, blah blah blah. My damn fault for even mentioning it.

 I digress. My point is, it's a stupid assignment, and I'm about to get my first B since I started at this school. O well.


Laggin said...


I don't mean to be a place of bummer. It's just that there is so much to explore right now and I've gotta put it somewhere so it doesn't sit inside me and storm.

Dread Pirate Davi said...

With all you're going through, you can't help it. *more hugs* Hang in there!

Laggin said...

Oooh...idea for you. Go sit somewhere, where you are the oldest. Like amongst a gaggle of teeny-bopper girls at the mall. :)