Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You learn something new every day.

One morning, I texted Canuck to see if he wanted to join the Cool Kids for coffee. He replied back:
I'm off today doing manual labor at home. You too can have a day off if you cheat on the PT test like me }=D
I was intrigued, to say the least. I asked him to teach I've failed my last two tests.
First lesson: cut across the football field when running the track; this will cut your time in half =P
...riiiight. Well...I am kinda small. So maybe the testers won't notice me doing that?
Second PT lesson: have them treat the measuring tape as if it was a tourniquet =P 27-inch waist is good to go, I think. But wait...there are four components that make up the Air Force physical training test. You've covered the aerobic (running) component, the abdominal circumference (waist) component...but what about the push-ups and sit-ups?

" can't really cheat on those."

But those were the ones I failed last time. Sigh. Guess I'll have to pass it the old-fashioned working out. Shit.

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Laggin said...

I'll send you Younger. You should see this kid's abs...yes, you can see her abs. She'll work you into shape in no time. Plank-off anyone?