Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Night Giggles and Downers.

Just got back from devouring delicious Thai cuisine, and I can't stop laughing over this stuff.

What are you top five crime scene albums?

The five most wildly illegal court rulings in movie history.

Five things nobody tells you about quitting drinking,

This upsets me. And is the reason why I don't like to discuss my spirituality.

Three reasons the Ground Zero Mosque debate makes no sense. Btw, what's been going on with that?? I'm so out of the loop...

Five things you won't believe aren't in the Bible. Also, I'm an antichrist. Don't tell Marguerite Perrin.

Six things from history everyone pictured wrong. Hopefully you can wrap your head around the fact that Jesus, if he existed, wasn't white.

Five fictional stories you were taught in history class. Ha.

The five most inspiring things ever accomplished (while drunk). Fiance, don't get any ideas...

Why Eminem needs to find something new to rap about. It's truuuuue.

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