Sunday, July 12, 2009

Terin is totally invited.

So, as I've already shared with you, a co-worker had agreed to brew up some of his apple wine for myself and the Boss Lady to use as wedding favors. About $40 will get me 25 bottles. Pretty sweet deal, huh?? That comes out to $1.60 for a bottle of yummy home-brewed apple wine, bottled and corked. I'll have to figure in labels, too, for the bottles, but I shouldn't be breaking the bank over this.

Thus far, the most expensive things I'm dealing with are the dress (which is couture, ooh la la) at $1,118 before alterations and such, and the reception site at Pere Marquette Lodge and Conference Center, which charges $45 a plate for the Silver Wedding Package, their least expensive one, which includes the following:

  • Champagne toast for the head table
  • Mirrored tile centerpieces with votive candles (I wonder if I can choose the color??)
  • All guest, cake, gift, and guest book tables
  • White table linen (maybe if there's enough money leftover, I could throw in black and red napkins)
  • All china, glass, and silver
  • Dance floor and skirted DJ station (To book a DJ, or not book a DJ??)
  • Complimentary night's stay for bride and groom for weddings of 100 people or more (I was originally aiming for that, but that would put a serious strain on the budget. It would be cheaper to just pay for the room ourselves.)
  • Cake cutting service (I did mention my cupcakes, right??)
  • 10 % discount on Sunday Breakfast Brunch for wedding guests (applies to Saturday evening weddings...oh, wait, like mine)
The menu options are decent for the price, and there's a four-hour hosted bar that serves more than just cheap beer and boxed wine. Srsly, there's Bacardi, Smirnoff, Seagram's, etc. And they serve wine from their on-site winery. I'm hoping to get a wine-tasting in when I visit.

And who can forget the 18% service charge (Can you say "gratuity"?? Check out The Waiter's blog post on tipping and how it corrupts our world.) coupled with applicable tax?? Hooray.

I've been using the The Knot for all my wedding planning needs. I first came across it a few years ago when my cousin Christine got married, she used it herself. The Boss Lady is using it as well, and we love what we've seen on there so far. I even made up a wedding budget on there using their awesome budget tool, AND I have my very own semi-personalized to-do checklist.

As I said, I have my heart set on that apple wine for the favors. But then I started looking at different wedding favors on the site today...and I am torn, I tell you, torn!!

First off, I REALLY REALLY want this in burgundy for myself and the bridesmaids.


But they also have coasters, and candy, and on and on and on...

I will definitely be investing my money in one of these. Because if anything, even the tiniest thing goes wrong the day, I will probably blow a gasket. I'm such a drama queen sometimes.

I saw a tattoo cover-up kit advertised on there. I'm still debating whether or not to cover up the two on my shoulders, but this one was so-so in the reviews. If I go that route, I'll need to find one that matches my skin tone, instead of one that'll leave a pink patch on my shoulder, as it did for one reviewer.

I was browsing online for pearl chokers, not really holding out much hope that I'd find one in red. I might just commission my mom to make something for me, she makes jewelry as a hobby, and has even sold a few pieces. She's pretty good.

And if I may, here's the dress Dee Dee is looking to wear (won't let me do a screen shot, gr). Becky wants something to show off her legs. And I want this dress for the rehearsal dinner!! Hawtness.

Alright, that's my wedding vomit for today. TTFN.


Anonymous said...

Another great site is They have a forum as well that you can talk to other brides to get advice or share your ideas with.

terin said...

Rehearsal dinner wedding dress is also gorgeous. I love a fabric overlay in two colors!