Monday, July 27, 2009

Crazy wedding dream.

Another wedding dream. This time, though, my second cousin Frances was getting married. And here in my state, for some odd reason. So I showed a little early at the location, and she was sitting there in a pretty white dress with a red sash. It's been years since I've seen her, but we greeted each other as if no time has passed. Then I said hello to another second cousin and Frances' cousin, Zulmarie (who just got married herself, as a matter of fact). Zulmarie asked me when I got in, and I said, "Oh, I live here." She and another nosy woman expressed surprise that I would willingly subject myself to living in the Midwest of all places. The nosy woman even expressed disdain, the hag. I think, in the dream, I wanted to slap her.

I still remember the surprise I felt when I found out I had orders to this base. My dream sheet had all east coast bases: Ft Meade, Andrews, Bolling, McGuire, Seymour-Johnson, Pope, MacDill, and Patrick. I had no illusions that the Air Force would take my wishes into consideration, but I held out hope. And then I saw my base listed on the personnel site. I called my dad and asked him where the hell it was, and he told me Midwestern State. I was shocked. And irritated. My dad made some calls, and said that a friend of his could get me orders to Georgia instead. But I decided to take my chances out here, after almost swapping out for Grand Forks, North Dakota, to follow some boy after breaking off my engagement (yeah, I was young and naive; tech school does that to you).

I certainly am glad I came here. I wouldn't have met Rich otherwise.

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