Sunday, August 26, 2012

The endless road.

I don't go east of my town. Everything that is relevant to me is west of here. But today I needed to visit the DMV for a new license, and for once I did not want the hassle that accompanies a visit to the usual office. So I went to one that is 26 miles east of here. Smaller office, smaller crowd, less sass.

I was driving east on the highway, sipping my coffee and enjoying the beautiful morning. Suddenly I asked myself, What if I just keep going? Keep driving east, until I reach the coast. And keep going, never looking back.

I used to have devastatingly strong urges to run away from here. I wanted to disappear and start fresh somewhere else. I wanted to do this with...him. One of the things that made me angry was about the break-up was that it occurred only weeks after I started my new job. I asked myself, Why couldn't this happen beforehand, when I had nothing else to keep me here? I could have moved to live with my parents on the east coast. I could have started over somewhere else.

After all the upheaval in my life, however, it turns out that I no longer want to run away. I'd rather wait patiently to see what happens next. I'm rather excited at the prospect.

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