Saturday, March 21, 2009

That time of year again?? Or is it??

March is always an odd month for me. The memories I have of this month from several years ago are dark and painful. (Hm. This is gonna be an emo post to go with my new emo haircut.)

March is usually not a good month for me. I don't think it's a good month of anyone in general, and that is why we have St Patty's Day; a day to make up for that whole month of ugh. Or maybe that's just me.

This year, March is not so bad. It wasn't so bad last year, either. In fact, aside from the usual murderous rages inspired by my PT program and the Letter of Reprimand I'm getting on Monday, it's been a pretty decent month for me.

Doesn't erase the dark memories...but for once, thinking about them during this loaded month doesn't leave me blue.

It never ceases to amaze me how good it feels to just be happy.

And for the record, SoCo and Lime the Bar-Cat is prettier than the Fancy Feast cat.

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