Thursday, November 20, 2008

My witty fourth-grader.

(Sorry if I threw you off with the last post. The current state of existence may not be ideal, it's fine with me. I like it when work keeps me busy, I feel productive. And with the workload being what it is, it was inevitable for it to intrude on the rest of my life. It's fine, it's just for this month.)

I showed up for tutoring a bit late, but Mary was waiting for me. The girl who joined us last time, Katie, joined us again. This girl is silly. And I don't mean silly like the way I am with friends or co-workers when we've had too much caffeine. I mean, silly as far as her mentality. I'm not sure this girl really takes anything too seriously. She always seemed more concerned with what was going on two table away then with what was going on with the worksheet in front of her. Mary doesn't seem fond of her at all, judging by this little interchange.

"Wait, I'm getting my stuff!" says Katie.

"Take your time," I respond.

"Yes, please," mutters Mary. Woah, Mary, where is this coming from??

From there, Mary continued to subtly but doggedly antagonize Katie, which I secretly found amusing between admonishments to play nice. Mary is even sarcastic!! I like this kid more and more.

Rich send me a beautiful jewelry set, matching necklace, ring, and earrings, opal set in silver. I love it!!

Math class was canceled tonight. So I will be social. And I will wear my new jewelry.

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