Tuesday, September 23, 2008

School update: Part II.

We had our first Algebra test almost two weeks ago, and I got an eighty-one on that. Our first Spanish test was last one, and I'm 99% confident that I aced it. Our first Business Math test is tomorrow night, and I'm feeling mildly confident about that one. I'm gonna do a little studying tonight, and maybe some tomorrow at work to make sure I understand the latest stuff she taught us.

Our next Algebra test is Thursday night, and I'm feeling pretty good about the material so far. We just started on Chapter Three tonight, and I'm keeping up.

I wish I could say the same for my online classes, though. Ugh. It's hard to keep up when you work full time, go to school four nights of the week, etc. I like cooking for Rich, so I try to do that as often as possible. And before he moved in, I wasn't too concerned with how my place looked, 'cause I was never here. But now that we're living together, I don't wanna be such a slob, but it's a struggle. The laundry seems endless (I don't know how, there's only two of us), and there's always dishes in the sink. Rich helps out here and there, but it's still...daunting. With all that, I tend to put my online classes on the back burner. My workload has increased at work, so I don't really have time then to get anything done.

Oh, well. I just need to get adjusted, is all.

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Laggin said...

Again...I don't envy you all this. And make the dude keep up with the housework too! Seriously. Bad habits start early. :\