Thursday, September 11, 2008

Five years in the military, September 11th, and FUN STUFF.

I meant to blog two days ago about my fifth anniversary of active military service, but it slipped my mind. I have 363 days of active service left. Less than a year.

OMG...THE FINAL STRETCH!!!! It's like the last lap of my mile-and-a-half run for my PT test (which six laps around the track)!! Hallelujah!!

I wanna blog about September 11th, which means I should blog about it today, but I don't feel like dragging up my memories of that day. Perhaps later today. Or even tomorrow. No...definitely later today. After class.

Some crazy links for your enlightenment:

Apparently, terrorist attacks are not the only things remembered on this day. There's a coup...oh, and important church stuff.

I wonder if the Community College of the Air Force would accept this class under electives...

Bible Quote of the Day!!

Please, Mrs Palin, continue to spout your half-truths. Do it for charity.

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