Saturday, September 6, 2008

School update: Part I.

The first night of Spanish was long and boring. I slept through about half-hour at some point, and throughout the entire four-hour long session, we only got one ten-minute break. We didn't have a session this past week, since the campus was closed for Labor Day. I've ordered my book for the class, but it has yet to make an appearance on my doorstep.

I'm able to keep up in Algebra so far. But I haven't bought the MathXL code yet to do homework (all online), because I'm broke from buying all my other school supplies. The campus bookstore sells the code, just the code, for forty fucking dollars. A classmate told us, though, that a university campus bookstore in the next county is selling it for fifteen dollars. Now if only I had the time - - and the gas - - to get over there and save a few bucks. Despite being genetically unable to grasp math most of the time, the class feels a slow. I feel as if I'm not being challenged enough. I'm sure it'll pick up soon, though, and then I'll be lost.

Business Math is proving to be a bit more complex. Being broke, I still haven't bought the calculator we're required to have. But I'm managing so far. I got my book today...but was furious to find that it was the teacher's edition. I was so upset, I had tears in my eyes. Nowhere in the online ad was it advertised as being a teacher's edition, and it doesn't even say it on the book. I only knew because next to every single problem, all the answers are highlighted in red. Believe it or not, I don't want the answers. Believe it or not, I want to figure the shit out myself. Ugh. But what am I gonna do?? So I just went ahead and did all my homework, attempting to cover the answers as I went along.

I'm planning on going to the campus bookstore on Monday during lunch to sell my Psychology and Speech books. They'll probably jip me, I have no doubt, but I should get enough to cover gas till pay day and get my the MathXL code that I need.

And thank God for my having a USAA bank account. My money from my paychecks is made available one whole business day before the official pay day everytime. So I'll have my money this coming Friday, instead of having to wait till the following Monday. Woot.


Anonymous said...

actually with USAA you should have it by Thursday night.

Laggin said...

Ugh. I do not miss being a student. At all.