Friday, February 16, 2007

Sobriety: More fun??

Last night was three nights in a row, but I still haven't been able to answer that question.

Finally got a roommate. But she's pretty cool.

Monday night, we met two army guys here on R&R, Reuben and Michael. We've spent every night since with them at the Top Off, and they are kick-ass!! We're bidding them farewell tonight, sadly, as they must return to Iraq. Reuben is Mexican, stationed in Germany, and Michael is guard from Minnesota.

We've been running around every night being silly as fuck. It's been awesome. Last night, I think, was the most fun and the most hilarious. Erik came out for a little bit, but eventually dipped out to do his laundry. I kept snatching Shane's hat, and at one point he came chasing after me. However, he was drunk at this point. I faked to the left, and then to the right, and as he was coming at me he kinda did some weird barrell-roll-nosedive into the ground. I'm like, "Oh, shit!!" and I ran to him to see if he was okay, and his drunk ass has the audacity to wink at me!! I was feeling nice, though, so instead of leaving him there I helped him up.

Then we were playing pool. This random guy (weird as hell) challenged Shane. Well, I was playing with this guy Adrien earlier, and a ball had gotten stuck. Shane is racking the balls when he realizes two are missing. We assumed that they were stuck, we're dropping balls in every hole, shaking the table, everything, to get these balls out. They're not coming out. So Shane dropped down and crawled under the table to have a look...and his head got stuck. Michael had to lift the table to free him. Then someone noticed two balls at another table, and said, "Hey, we'll just take those since they match what we're missing." Then it hit us: Those are the EXACT balls we were missing!! Michael (also drunk) had snatched them earlier to toss around on the other table!! I thought Shane was gonna kill was so funny!!

So, as you can see, I'm having fun out here. And this weekend should be more fun. Later!!

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