Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mmm, popcorn and marshmallow jelly beans!!

OMG, you've never tried vomit-flavored jelly beans?!

I was in a boring briefing the last two days. I was thisclose to proving that one can and will die (or at least sink into a coma) from overexposure to Powerpoint. Death by Powerpoint, they call it.

Mom and Dad went to Seaworld yesterday with Trish and Gaby. They fed dolphins and seals, and Mom got jumped by a squirrel...

Wait, what?!?!

Ha ha...this little kid says in Spanish, "Look at the squirrel, how cute!!" And Mom and Trish say, "What squirrel??" Trish looks down to see a squirrel standing between her feet, putting it's paws on her leg and looking around all cruious-like. This squirrel was fearless. He jumped up on the fence and was looking around at everyone, and then...HE POUNCED!!

He lands on Mom's head (she had her hoodie on, luckily), and is looking around at everyone, oblivious to the chaos he is causing. It was comical, from what I am told; he was pushing the hood over Mom's face. Patricia managed to get the most awesome picture (will post when available) of the squirrel leaping off of Mom.

Ha ha.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Trish...the kid was speaking portuguese, by the way. = D