Thursday, January 18, 2007

Deployment Update: The Moron Chronicles

Alright, I flew here to Tampa Tuesday night. I went from 16-degree weather, snow and ice, to hot and humid in less than three hours.

Tuesday was hell. I woke to find that my inner moron had reached new heights of stupidity. That's what I get for making assumptions and not reading my checklist the whole way through.

Anywho. Got to Tampa, checked in at MacDill Inn. Wednesday: began inprocessing CENTCOM, got a rental car (PT Cruiser, wheeeee), and went to see my aunt Esther. Got lost coming back to base and ended up on the other side of the Hillsborough River. Somehow made my way back. Today: Got lost trying to find CENTCOM and was half-hour late. Got booted out of the Inn because they no longer have room for me. Got released at noon. Checked into a room with a king size bed and complimentary drinks. Cannot say where at. *HAPPY* Went to see Esther again and chowed on Chinese.

Tomorrow: More inprocessing. Then I'm off to spend the weekend at Esther's and see my Uncle Junior. My parents will be here on Monday, hopefully with my sister in tow, if she's still mad at her boyfriend, though I sincerely hope that won't be her reason for coming. That would suck. They're shooting to get me off to Qatar on the [date blocked], hopefully with a group so that my dumbass isn't left without adult supervision for more than five minutes. *sigh*

I miss my kitties. And I miss Jed.

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