Thursday, September 8, 2016

Greetings from Deutschland!

Guten Tag!

Pardon my long, long absence. away from me. Being in and out of work, getting married, going to school, and moving made blogging less and less of a priority. The rundown:

Got married...duh. September 20th, 2014, to "Fordski", whom we shall now refer to as Batman or Spouse. Right before getting married, he received orders for a short tour (one year) to Korea, unaccompanied (I survived), with his choice of a follow on assignment. He requested and was approved for Ramstein Air Base here in Rheinland-Pfalz. In the meantime, we moved into base housing for convenience, and thus began my trolling of Facebook military spouse groups.

He left for some training in May, and I flew off to Iceland for a few days with Sister and some gals for her bachelorette shenanigans. O yeah, she got engaged the previous year, in front of a waterfall, in Iceland. Bitch. It was amazing. Spouse and I hope to have our long belated honeymoon there in the next year. He and I were briefly reunited in June for Sister's wedding to Herr Frenkel, but this meant missing his brother's (Superman) wedding to Supergirl on the other side of the continent, the next day. A couple of days after the wedding, Spouse flew off to Korea.

He returned in December for the holidays, and there was much drama with the in laws. Fortunately said drama was followed by a more peaceful time spent with my family, including a cousin (Gard) who joined the army last year and is now stationed just four hours from us with his wife (Mrs Gard).

I made some fabulous new friends, Alice Bitch and Queen Bitch, and along with the Ginger Bitch, we are the Bitch Village.

My first permanent change of station (PCS) as an adult was...enlightening. There were many, many times I wished I was active duty again just so I could make some phone calls to take care of shit myself. I won't get into details.

Justin came home in June, with the intention of being in Germany by the end of the month. He met his older half sister...well, we have Batman and Superman, we may as well call her Wonder Woman! This was a very exciting and emotional (and of course, dramatic) time. But it was quickly followed by sorrow, when we learned that my mother in law's father had passed away. Spouse was able to push out his reporting date, and we went to the funeral in our service dress to present the flag to his grandmother, because a certain funeral director couldn't be bothered to put in a request for military honors beyond asking the VFW to provide a firing party. It was surreal.

And then Pokémon Go happened. So much walking.

Our household goods were finally packed, our final farewells made. The cats were dropped off with Alice Bitch for safe keeping until we can ship them here. We drove to Baltimore with Thor, spent a few days with Sister, and left Thor in the care of another friend. (At this time he has been moved on to a Dogs on Deployment boarder until he can be shipped here.)

And then we flew here. I will not go into the details of all the drama and stress, a lot of it self inflicted, some of it out of our control, that we have dealt with. We are here, we have moved into a house, and we have a car. The car we shipped from Baltimore is in country and we are picking it up on Friday. Our household goods are also in country, and we are just waiting for customs to finish with it so we can schedule a delivery. All that is left is to get the animals here, and it will all be over.

Gard has already come for a short visit. I turned 31. The parents, Sister, and Herr Frenkel are coming for Christmas and the New Year. I've eaten a lot of fucking schnitzel.

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