Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy 65th, Air Force!

A message from the commander of US Transportation Command:


To the Men and Women of USTRANSCOM:

Sixty five years ago, in the settling smoke following America's victories of
WWII, President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947,
strengthening our role as a world superpower while defending our liberties
here at home.  Out of the smoke, the United States Air Force was born.  Due
to postwar demobilization, the Air Force began with only a fraction of the
personnel, aircraft and budget of the wartime Army Air Forces.  However, it
did not lack in purpose. 

During WWII, airpower proved itself significant with increased performance,
range and payload, greatly expanding its application as an instrument of
national power.  Airpower also quickly became the Nation's first line of
defense in the atomic age.  When the Cold War began, the Air Force met the
first direct challenge from the Soviet Union by forming a transportation
bridge in the Berlin Airlift of 1948-1949.  With incredible perseverance and
ingenuity and more than 200,000 cargo flights - airpower finally broke the
ground blockade. 

Our Airmen have shown generosity in times of peace and gallantry in times of
war.  They've shown tenacity in Korea's MiG Alley, endurance in Vietnam's
Rolling Thunder campaign, decisiveness over the skies of Baghdad during
Desert Storm and flexibility in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Now, sixty five years
after President Truman signed the momentous legislation while onboard Air
Force One, our Air Force stands as the strongest and most innovative in the
Our achievements were made possible because of the extraordinary men and
women who serve and their families who support them.  Your integrity, your
service before self and excellence in all you do have helped America master
the skies.  You've made the world a safer place.

September 18th, we celebrate your legacy of achievement.

-- Happy Birthday US Air Force!

Will Fraser

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