Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where have our brains gone?

Shit's been...shitty...around here. Some humor to lighten the mood.

A written conversation between myself and Le Brother that occured yesterday morning. It started with my Facebook status.
Then came this e-mail conversation originating from my military account, as I am on orders this week.

Me: Still on orders.

Bro: Must be a hint to email you here instead if I feel like lunch.

Me: True story.

Bro: Well, then.

Me: Indeed.

Bro: But you're going to a friend's for lunch to meet u with your estranged cell phone.

Me: This is true. But I otherwise have no plans.

Bro: Which friend? And close to lunch places?

Me: [withheld for privacy]

Bro: Alright, wanna come snag me?

Me: Sure. [I regret this later.]

Bro: K. Tiem?

Me: I guess I'll go get the key from him around 11, and then come get you. He's at the [maintenance] building there by the firehouse, so from there it'll be a few minutes before I pull up to [your workplace].

Here's where it gets interesting.

Bro: Alright. I guest text when you leave the firehouse.

Me: o_O

Bro: Er, MXS building. Whatever. That's what I get for reading too quickly.

Me: o_O

Bro: Fuck. Third read. Makes sense now. Text when you leave [your workcenter].

Me: >_<

Bro: Stop with the faces.

Me: [Brother's first name]. What did I write on Facebook?

The e-mail conversation ends there. Then I see this gem on Facebook two minutes later.

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Jill said...

it took me a minute to figure out what the problem was. LOL.