Friday, November 25, 2011


In addition to my four-day weekend special, here is the second of my daily specials. Today's special is on Entertaining, pages 35 - 37 in our Fall/Winter 2011 catalog. If you do not have a catalog, here is our online catalog. [Do not order online; e-mail me your order.]

Spend $40 and get the Bar Tongs for FREE.

Spend $60 and the Bar Tongs and Ice Scoop for FREE.

Spend $80  and get all of the above and the Beaded Spreader for FREE.

Spend $100 and get the Wine Bottle Opener for FREE.

Don't forget, you can take advantage of the special on Gift Giving sets all weekend, and everyone who places an order will receive 10% off,  FREE tax, and FREE shipping up to $4.75. If your order is at least $60, you can take advantage of November's guest special, a choice of any cookbook or the Bamboo Kitchen Towel for FREE. You'll also be entered into a drawing to be chosen as my Mystery Host for the weekend! The host automatically receives $15 in free product and the discount is bumped up to 15% with a chance to earn more free product and a higher discount!

E-mail orders to, and leave a comment so I know to look for the e-mail.

TOMORROW'S SPECIAL: Outdoor, pages 24 - 25 in the catalog!

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