Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post # 400, wherein I rage against the chat-n-cut.

Happy 400th post blah blah blah whatever.

We were at the Bread Co this morning for some delicious coffee, and right before approaching the register, Fiance informed that while I'd been engrossed in a riveting round of Canfield (a card game) on my phone, some woman wearing gym gear with her hair did and her make-up perfectly applied had performed a chat-n-cut on us. Naturally, I was irritated. Fiance was merely amused by it, but I berated him for not saying something to the woman. He was completely unfazed, and I had my coffee in hand, so I let it go.

But I just want to say this. There is only ONE scenario where cutting is acceptable. If you are meeting a friend for lunch, and they are already in line and they are offering to pay for your meal as well as theirs, it is acceptable to join them in their place in line. Now, if they beat you to the meeting location but it was already agreed upon prior that YOU would be paying, their ass better wait for you before getting in line.

But meeting up with a friend after they're already in line, jumping in behind them, and then paying separately? To that I say, fuck you. That is RUDE. Get your sneaky ass to the back of line where it belongs. I was in line first, I've been waiting longer than you, and I'll be DAMNED if you just jump in front of me like you own the goddamn place or your time is far more precious than mine.

I wish Fiance hadn't told me about it. It's bothering the shit out of me now. I hope that hag breaks a nail on the treadmill.

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Leslie said...

oh lawd. your rage is humorous.