Saturday, June 25, 2011

My cats are inconsiderate assholes.

Most of my house is carpeted, but the kitchen is linoleum, obviously. Cheap linoleum , but linoleum nonetheless. If something spills onto the floor, easy clean up. So tell me why, every fucking time Simi inevitably gags on the wet cat food that he literally inhaled in 7.46 seconds, he has to vomit it all up on the CARPET?!

Fiance doesn't understand my "obsession" with curtains. It is my desire to eventually have ALL the blinds in the house replaced with curtains. This is because of the damage done to said blinds by the cats...mainly Simi, but with some small assistance from SoCo. You see, a more considerate cat with a desire to view the outside world would simply pull down on the slats. This bends the slats, yes, but is infinitely preferable to what MY cats do: chew their fucking way through the blinds until the offending obstacle is removed. I shit you not, they will chew off pieces of the slats to create a little "window" in the blinds so that they can window watch to their hearts' content.


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