Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thoughts on the meaning of life.

Lecture notes, second night of "Religion in the United States":
"Why are we here?" Why do we ask this question? Why is it important? 
It is important because this question is the basis for the establishment of religion eons ago.
 My thoughts after noting this:
I think was people are REALLY asking is, "What is the meaning of MY life?" They use religion to give their life meaning. and so their life purpose becomes the worshiping of their chosen deity (or deities).
I heard a girl say that maybe life is meant to be a journey, to learn before we cross over. I could take that and run with it. It would mean that our physical existences on this earth are merely a step in a long process. That the old cliche of death being a beginning, not an end, that it is simply a doorway to the next plane of existence, to the next step in the journey. That "heaven" or "hell" are not the final destinations, that there is something else waiting on the other side of either of those, and so on.
My head hurts. But anyways, if "why are we here" and "what is our purpose" are valid questions with legitimate answers, I don't think we'll discover them in this reality. I think we have to proceed a few more steps before we get to the answers.
Or maybe there are no answers, and I'm just talking crazy.

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