Friday, December 3, 2010

In-flight private jokes.

There I was at gate A4, waiting to board my flight go Detroit, when what to my wo/andering* eyes should appear...but the same Delta employee who was so "helpful" in getting myself, Deer Hunter, and Canuck "re-routed" for our Korea trip.** Naturally I texted them.

Deer Hunter: Tell him not to lose your bags this time!

Canuck: Make sure he doesn't fuck with your bag!

To which I responded, "I'd make a special trip back here just to cut off his face. [...] He would not live to see 2011."

Upon my arrival at Detroit, I texted them again.

"I finally made it to Detroit to catch my connecting flight...only took me four months!"

*I can't remember if it was "wondering eyes" or "wandering eyes" in "The Night Before Christmas". I'm 90% sure it's the first one, tho...
**Reference late-July 2010 blog post entitled "May Delta Airlines burn..."
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