Sunday, February 14, 2010

Setting the record straight...again.

A re-post from last year. I know Laggin enjoyed it.
St Valentine's Day is a holiday in the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions (celebrated on February 14th and sometime in July, respectfully) named after not one, but several men who were all martyrs when the Roman Empire was still the big cheese in the known world. Stabbed, maimed, fed to lions, crucified, beheaded, what have you, for worshiping a guy who pissed off the Pharisees and ended up dead on a cross two thousand years ago.

Oh, swoon.

I don't know what Geoffrey Chaucer was smoking, but he is the one to blame for this day being all romantical. (It's a word in the dictionary. Don't ask which dictionary, just take my word for it.) He lived and died in the Middle Ages when courtly love was popular. I define "courtly love" as "pretending to be in love with unattainable members of the opposite sex". As opposed to real love.

You still with me?? A holiday named after brutally murdered martyrs in honor of horny teenagers lusting after much-older married women.

And then Hallmark was born, heralding the Apocalypse and the End of Times. Head for the hills!!...
 It's friggin' snowing. Which irritates me, but it's not snowing in St Louis according to, so that doesn't really ruin my plans. I want to go with Fiance today to the Science Center to check out the dinosaur exhibit they have going on. Something about a feathered it. We were gonna go yesterday, but he got almost no sleep the night before, so I spared him and went to a wine tasting with Becks and hung out at her house all day.

Tomorrow I plan on taking Becks and Sayrah out for lunch, because their significant others are on the other side of the world right now and can't be here to celebrate this commercial holiday with them.

And now I leave you all to place my freshly-washed jeans into the dryer.

Happy Sunday.

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Monica said...

To me Valentines is definately a Halmark holiday too comercialized. Hubs tries to buy gifts and I refuse. Poor thing, I told him he is free to give trinkets any other day of the year but this one day. We spent our day at the casino and bringing mom home from the hospital.

On a brighter note, the St. Louis Science center totally rocks. Love going there.