Friday, February 12, 2010

About my hangovers...

...they're totally not as awesome as I thought they were. I was OBLITERATED Saturday night. I puked when I got home, and puked again in the morning, had to take Pepto several times throughout the day to calm my churning belly, and had a pounding headache by 5 PM when we headed over to Becky's for the Super Bowl. Fiance was a sweetie and took care of me. It'll be a while before I drink like that again...

In other news, Dee has confirmed that the fetus she is carrying in her abdominal region bears a penis. Because of said penis, Dee's husband now insists that he is more entitled to choose the name. She happily informed me that she has an ultrasound photo of the penis. Good for you, Dee. Now let's plan a friggin' shower!!

Tomorrow, I set out to buy a Valentine's Day present for Fiance. I meant to get it today during my lunch break, but instead went to play with my friend Branc's six-month-old kitty named Trudy who likes to sit on his shoulder while he walks around his apartment. I wish my kitty would do that...SoCo, that is, not Simi. Simi is too large. Branc related to me how once in the middle of the night, around 3 AM, Trudy decided she wanted to play, so she sat on his chest and proceeded to smack him across the face for a while.

I promised some recipes a while back. I will be posting those, I'm just too lazy right now. The end.

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Laggin said...

I'm too old to drink like that anymore. The hangover now goes beyond one day.