Friday, January 15, 2010

How did I miss that??

On January 5th, Davi's Devious Domain turned three years old.

I originally started it to chronicle my Middle East adventures, but I ended up keeping those mostly to myself. Also, I'm not fond of the earlier posts, as they come off sounding...I can't find a word, but since then I find myself being more natural, being myself on here. I like that.

I dropped off for almost a year, and finally got back on to blog about nothing; meaning, anything.

Here's to many more years of this personal pleasure.


Laggin said...

Happy Blogday, or is it Blogiversary?

Monica said...

Liked your old and new posts! They are/were who you are at the time. I too have found myself reading pasts posts and see the changes I have gone through.

Write for you, we will be here.

terin said...

Yay! I like your blogs about anything or nothing. It makes me smile.