Friday, May 15, 2009

I forgot the mango juice.

I'm looking through a box of crap dating back to middle school. I have a page ripped out from my freshman year homework planner. It has a note on it from someone, written at the end of the school year.
Remember the mango juice
forever ok + you'll alwayz
remember me!
Karina class 2002
I don't remember the mango juice. It probably explains why I don't remember anyone named Karina.

*TQM is an acronym for "te quiero mucho" which is Spanish for "love you lots".


Laggin said...

Perfect proof that we all think the middle school is the height of our lives and it isn't even close.

Davi said...

Elementary is the height. It's all downhill from there.

mdx3mom said...

Actually I remember just about everything from middle school but nothing from High school.

how strange

But take joy in that you can look back at your planners and yearbooks. All mine were lost to a house fire. Memories all lost.