Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh, gross.

The scab of tattoo number one is peeling. Eeeeeeeeeeeeew.

Boozer has all my booze. Damn him.

The guy who told me I look like a boy with my new haircut is growing out his mustache and unibrow. I'm not letting that go for ages.

And Laggin is such a ninja mommy that she should get a giant ninja mommy tattoo on her back. Rowan, back me up on this??


Rowan said...

Damn right. Laggin is my idol in Ninja Mommyness. I am soooo taking notes.

Can you put lotion on your tat? Lots of lotion?

Davi said...

I have been told A&D ointment until it heals. So I'm using a cheap Walgreens version. Once the scab is completely gone, I'll start using some extra-strength lotion.

Laggin said...


Laggin said...

Um...No? No tats. Ever. I shall just imagine a ninja on my invisible ninja tat. How ninja is that?