Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekly Update:

Yeah, it's been a few weeks. I weighed in this past Sunday at 126.8; that's 7.4 pounds down. Yay!

I'm currently in the middle of a sleep study. I came in last night and had a bunch of wires and taped and glued and strapped to me. Here was the result:

I look fabulous.

They had me sleep for seven hours, and I don't feel like I slept well. I remember constantly shoving that thing back into my nose. Half the wires were removed this morning; the ones attached to my scalp and face are still there. The cables run to a rectangular box that I wear around my neck on a lanyard when I'm not in bed. When it's sleepy time, they attach a cable to the box to monitor me. I've had two naps so far today. I can confidently rule out severe sleep apnea; if I had it, they would have put a mask on me in the night to help me breathe, and sent me on my merry way this morning with a machine. Doesn't mean I don't have sleep apnea in a milder form, though.

My second nap was kinda bizarre. I felt like I had trouble staying asleep, as if I were mostly dozing. Towards the end of the nap, voices were keeping me awake as I lay with my back to the door. A nurse came in ten minutes before I was supposed to be done with the nap to bring me a sandwich to eat before they discharged me. I sat up and looked over to see that while I'd been struggling to sleep, they'd brought in a young girl in a wheel chair to take the bed next to mine. I saw she had a couple of family members with her, which explained the voices I'd heard. And then...

...I woke up for real.

In my single-bed room.

With no food.

It was all a dream. A very, very real dream. Those are the worst. For the past few years, I've almost always been able to tell that I'm dreaming. I can usually force myself to wake up if I find a dream unpleasant. Every once in a while, a dream sleeps past my dream detector, and in the dream I feel as if everything is real. Ugh. Hate those ones, because they're confusing and disorienting when I wake, because sometimes I dream of myself in bed with things happening around hearing a noise, or seeing a cat run around, only to wake up and find that the cats where never in the room and that I'm alone in the house. Like I said, confusing.

I have a headache, and I'm hungry.

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Monica said...

With all those wire hooked to you I can only imagine how difficult it would be to get any sleep. Just the fact that all that would be hooked up to me would give me bizzar dreams.

I have those "real awake" dreams also, but it seems not near as much as you. They are unsetteling I agree.

Wait till you have one that comes true, now those are truely creepy.