Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hi Laggin!!

Still alive!! I swear, it's me!!

So what's new with me?? Hm. Rich came home, and picked up a nasty cold, and somehow I dodged it. Woot!! I just got back from two weeks of work in Anchorage, Alaska. It is absolutely beautiful up there, we were surrounded by gorgeous mountains, but it was coooooold. We worked with some great guys up there, one of which I went to tech school with. It was crazy, but fun, to see him again, and we had a great time up there.

I'm home now, and my house is a mess, but it's not bothering me too much at the moment. Dee's sister, Nikki, stayed the night and we had french toast, eggs, and bacon for a very late breakfast this afternoon. Dee came over and we had Italian food and watched The Holiday. I love that movie.

Btw, Dee is pregnant!! I totally called it. I had a dream three weeks ago that she was preggers, and I called her the next day and told her to get tested. She called me crazy, but guess who was right?? Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

Farewell!! I'll check back more often, promise!!

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Laggin said...

I just saw this. You crack me up.

But your word verification is "monte". That is a very bad name. I greatly dislike a "monte". Boo.