Thursday, September 24, 2009


On Monday, I received an ad from a dealership informing me that I was a guaranteed winner of one of five prizes, and that the dealership was having a huge sale on top of that. After reading the fine print, I was convinced it was legit. So Tuesday, after work, I drove 40 minutes to the small Ford dealership. Once their, I allowed a man named Bill to show me some of their used cars. I was particulary smitten with a black 2006 Ford Fusion SEL with black leather interior and a moon roof. We took it for a test drive before we went inside to get my prize and talk financing. I wasn't really serious about buying a car, but I would like a change in vehicles, and I was curious. For one reason or another, they couldn't come up with the numbers right there. So they gave me my prize, and they let me take the Fusion for the night.

Now, as I said before, I was a guaranteed winner of one of five prizes: $100 in cash, a $250 WalMart gift card, a Ford Edge, another cash prize...and I forget the last one. I won the gift card. I was pleased.

Now, to make a long story short, it was not going to work out with the 2006 Fusion, so the dealership tried to get me to buy a 2010 Fusion. Finally, I told them this afternoon that it just wasn't going to work on my end, and Bill said that with my permission, he would keep looking around to see if he could find me a 2008 and call me if he did. I said this was fine.

I got off work and headed to WalMart to spend my gift card. I got some groceries, and then grabbed $238 worth of clothes, shoes, bedding, picture frames, a book, and a dish rack. I headed to the register, and the total was $403. I gave the cashier the gift card and told her I would use debit to pay for the rest. She swiped it, and my new total was $398.

Three hundred and ninety-eight American dollars.

I blinked, and said, "That's it?!" She said, "Yeah, it only had $5 on it."

Five American dollars.

I blinked again. I'm pretty sure I turned red. I paid the balance, and left.

My friends, I am livid. Tomorrow I am calling Bill to give him a piece of my mind. If you live in Southern Illinois, do NOT go to Reiss Ford. Avoid them like the fucking plague.

Update: I just left them the following message on their website.

On 22 September, I went to your dealership with an ad in my hand stating that I had won one of five prizes. My prize was a $250 WalMart gift card. This evening, on 24 September, I attempted to use that gift card. IT ONLY HAD FIVE DOLLARS ON IT. I cannot believe how close I was to purchasing a brand new 2010 Ford Fusion from Bill Range. I will never come anywhere near your dealership again. Furthermore, I will inform all of my acquaintances within a fifty-mile radius to avoid your dealership. I am absolutely livid, and frankly disappointed that my good impression of your employees has been shattered. 

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Anonymous said...

Was the one in Marissa?? I kinda know one of the guys that works there from my ex and they have always been really professional. I am sorry you had a bad experience with them.