Saturday, June 6, 2009

Too much!!

What a week!! I had the workload of someone two paygrades higher (srsly, where's my raise??), I've been trying to move all week, I had to wait THREE DAYS to use my awesome new garden tub (it is the SHIT), AND Rich's fucking car battery died on me. Ugh. Oh, did I mention that less than a week after getting paid I was already broker than a joker?? True story.

And today I had my first honest-to-gawd migraine. Nausea and everything. Fortunately, Excedrin kicked its ass.

But who cares?! In less than fifteen-and-a-half hours, I'm picking up Rich from the airport!!!! The bastard has been partying it up this last week in Germany...but he's forgiven as long as he takes me to Europe someday. Fifth anniversary?? Tenth??

And soon, I shall have exciting news to share...

Four out of five doctors agree, being in love is a good thing.

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Laggin said...

Yup. Tis true.

Psst, don't look now but you are officially giddy.